Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have a LOT of blogging to catch up on:

E.G. got 2 haircuts
Mia turned 2!!!!!
E.G. turned 4 months
Charis' bday
E.G.  rolls and rolls
We have fed the ducks a few times :) :) :)
Redeemed Furniture (I'll explain more about this later) moved into our new booth!
E.G. eats cereal now!
Mia moved into her new room (and so did E.G.)
After 4.5 months of no dairy or soy, I ate a piece (okay several pieces) of pizza!
We got a letter from our insurance company about my birthday coming up. ha! (more on this later)
And more!

As I was downloading pics to the computer, I came across these from Caleb's phone.  They made me smile, so I decided to share them with you today. :)

Caleb usually gets Mia ready for bed.  Even if I bathe her and put her pajamas on, he always brushes her teeth.  These two can get pretty silly when they get together.  

I hope you enjoy these pics that they took of themselves making silly faces in the mirror!...

The "surprised" look is my favorite, because that is the sign for "surprised" in sign language. :)

I love these goofballs! :)

Hopefully I'll catch up on blogging.  And if not, it means that I'm too distracted and busy with my fun family of four.  :)