Friday, July 6, 2012

Women: Just do it...

I've wanted to write A LOT over the past two weeks.  I've wanted to share thoughts, questions, encouraging words, etc.  I've wanted to share testimonies and celebrate Father's love.  But I just haven't.  No time.  Or at least, not the RIGHT time. :)

I'll leave you with this today:

KNOW...KNOW that you are righteous.  Not because of what you do, have done, or could ever conger up in any way...but by GRACE alone.  

Know that you are SPECIAL.  Know that you are LOVED.  Know that Father's heart for you is overflowing with goodness.  His heart is to prosper you and not to harm you.  Believe it.  Receive it.

Know that you NEED community.  (Not a bazillion friends, but a few intimate good ones who will encourage you, love on you, think about you throughout the day and pray for you.)

Know that you are not alone in ANY thought/ feeling that you have.  Talk it out with'll see. :)

Know that the girl who seems to have it all together may be the one who needs someone to love on her the most.  

Know that you are created to GIVE and POUR LIFE into other women.  Speak encouraging words.  Listen.  Love.  Learn. (This may look like an afternoon with someone, a simple text, a smile, or asking questions to allow them to share what's on their heart.)

And don't feel like you have to wait until you "have it all together" before you can begin. 

Just do it....LOVE!

P.S...Thanks to those of you who talked to me about the last post.  It just re-affirmed that this is definitely something that needs to be talked about and that needs to change. :)  LOVE Y'ALL!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Women...we're more alike than we know!

It's been a long time.  Like for real....a LONG time.  I haven't written a post since February 12!!! That's over 4 months ago!

So much has happened in those 4 months! Maybe I'll catch you up later...and then again, maybe not. :)

I decided to blog today because I feel blessed.  A LOT has been on my mind lately, but through it all Abba has really loved on me in the way I needed it most.  What did that look like today?  Two different conversations with two amazing women in my life.

I've been thinking a lot about women.  About the fact that so many women don't feel special or struggle with feeling left out, unsure about themselves, not good enough, etc.  It's something that, having felt those feelings myself, I want to play a part in changing that.

So I'm hoping my blog will take a shift for a little while.  If you are a woman and need encouragement, I hope to post at least one thing a week that will make you feel loved.  And if you have something that other women need to hear, PLEASE let me know!  As women, we need to speak truth about how our Father sees us.  We need to encourage one another.

Let's start by texting/ calling one woman in your life this week and letting them know that they are special to you. That you appreciate them.  You have no idea the effects this will have on them.

Ready....GO! :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have a LOT of blogging to catch up on:

E.G. got 2 haircuts
Mia turned 2!!!!!
E.G. turned 4 months
Charis' bday
E.G.  rolls and rolls
We have fed the ducks a few times :) :) :)
Redeemed Furniture (I'll explain more about this later) moved into our new booth!
E.G. eats cereal now!
Mia moved into her new room (and so did E.G.)
After 4.5 months of no dairy or soy, I ate a piece (okay several pieces) of pizza!
We got a letter from our insurance company about my birthday coming up. ha! (more on this later)
And more!

As I was downloading pics to the computer, I came across these from Caleb's phone.  They made me smile, so I decided to share them with you today. :)

Caleb usually gets Mia ready for bed.  Even if I bathe her and put her pajamas on, he always brushes her teeth.  These two can get pretty silly when they get together.  

I hope you enjoy these pics that they took of themselves making silly faces in the mirror!...

The "surprised" look is my favorite, because that is the sign for "surprised" in sign language. :)

I love these goofballs! :)

Hopefully I'll catch up on blogging.  And if not, it means that I'm too distracted and busy with my fun family of four.  :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No David!

Have you ever read this book?  I used to read it to my class, but I don't think I have ever read it to Mia.  I thought about it today, because I just realized David must have been 2 years old in this book.  Mia is a few days shy of her 2 year old birthday, and I seriously feel like I tell her "no" a bazillion times a day!  AHHHHHHH!!!!! can't take things out of the kitchen drawers.  Put it back, please. (x3) can't give E.G. your marbles.  She will choke on them.
No...I just said not to give her your marbles!
I told you not to shut the door anymore.  That's why you keep getting stuck in there.
Mia, please don't go in the bathroom anymore.
No...that isn't candy, those are tampons.
Mia, please don't hit E.G. in the head.
Don't throw the video monitor!
Where are your panties?
Mia, I told you to let Mommy dump your pee pee out into the potty.
Mia, I know you are trying to help me put the laundry away, but now I have to refold it all again.  Please just watch me.
Mia, I just asked you not to throw the laundry!
No...don't go in E.G's room.  She is sleeping.
You can't play with that pen.  Go get your crayons.
Mia, don't open the pen.  Go get your crayons!

But just like in the book, I love this little girl to pieces.  I seriously can't get enough of her.  (I wrote a whole post about her, remember?)

Hopefully this stage will fly by!!! (Is there a verb that is faster than "fly"? Whiz? ???)  And is there a way that this "stage" can fly by without my Mia Jubilee getting any older?  I don't want to rush that part. :)

I hope you all enjoy your day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Little Bragging...

Every mommy is proud of their kiddos.  I stare at Mia Jubilee all of the time and tell her how proud I am of her.  Here are a few reasons why...

She has known her colors and been able to sort them for about 4 months now.

She can talk REALLY well!  Seriously...she's pretty darn good.  :)

She LOVES her sister.  This makes my heart smile.

She has been potty trained for a month.  (Although we still put diapers on her when she sleeps....just in case!)

She has a heart for others and has a generous spirit.

She sings and dances all of the time.  If she hears music, her hips start moving!  And she's even started to make up her own songs to sing to E.G. :)

She would cook all day if we would let her.  She is great at pretending and cooks some yummy stuff in her little kitchen.

She is the perfect combination between dependent and independent.  She will play by herself, but will also let me snuggle her.  (It's pretty hard to get a kiss from her though!)

Her new favorite movie is Cinderella. 

She LOVES to play on our bed!!!!  Now she sits in there and watches Cinderella under the covers.  Sweet.

Her naughtiness is hilarious.  We have to hold back smiles a lot.

She responds well to discipline.

She has a tender heart.

She LOVES her family (aunts, uncles, g'mas, papas, cousins, etc) and talks about them ALL of the time.  She even pretends to text and call them on the phone.

One of her new things is pretending to take pictures.  She can turn anything into a camera.  (even her monkey)  She asks you to smile and then looks at her "camera" and says, "That's a good one."

She's a great artist.

She knows several shapes and letters of the alphabet!

She could sit and read books forever!  I love when she "reads to us" too!

She kisses E.G.'s toes all of the time and tells her that she "misses her".

She has never acted jealous of E.G.  She seems confident in who she is and joins in with us to love on E.G.

She LOVES the outdoors!

She prefers to be naked.  It's so hard to get her to keep her clothes on!!!!!  (Hopefully this will be a short phase.)

She just plain cute.  Seriously...God went about and beyond when he created my curly headed, JOYFUL Mia Jubilee.

She's not a perfect kid, and I'm sure we see her through rose colored glasses, but we're her parents. :)

And we are smitten. :)

(Sorry about the grainy pictures.  Most of them were taken on my phone.)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A kind word...

I know that I haven't posted in over a month.  I've wanted to, but several things have been in my way:

1. Time.  Obviously I spend a lot of time with my girls.  They are so fun, and I have tried to be intentional about only getting on here when they are sleeping.  You can imagine how rare it is that both of them nap at the same time, so that leaves little time for the blog.

2. Too much to say! When I DO have time, I feel like I have too much to say.  I can't decide what to write about, so I just don't write at all.  (I guess anything is better than nothing though.)

3. Fear of what others think.  This annoys me.  I shouldn't even care.  I started this blog for my family and close friends.  All of those people love me and care about my sweet kiddos.  So if there's someone who finds my blog boring or annoying, they don't have to read it.  (Not that anyone has ever said those things about my blog.  It's totally just something that I wonder.)

ANYWAYS!....I got an email from a friend the other day.  She said, "I know you've been really busy, but I miss your posts."

Those simples words were so encouraging and are why I am writing this post today.  I DO love to write.  And I REALLY like to write about my priceless family.  :)

So I'm back, people!  I'll try to be consistent in posting.  In the mean time, enjoy the following pics!

Mia LOVES to cook, and she's really in to Elmo right now... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Our sweet family at Noni and Papa's on Christmas...

 Mia cooks for us a lot.  She and Caleb enjoyed eating their real lunch in her playroom...

And here's our wonderful Ellie Grace!  She's changing so much!  I'll have to do a post on everything she's learning.

My nieces came to visit over Christmas.  Mia loves and misses them so much!

This girl...she has my heart.