Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No David!

Have you ever read this book?  I used to read it to my class, but I don't think I have ever read it to Mia.  I thought about it today, because I just realized David must have been 2 years old in this book.  Mia is a few days shy of her 2 year old birthday, and I seriously feel like I tell her "no" a bazillion times a day!  AHHHHHHH!!!!! can't take things out of the kitchen drawers.  Put it back, please. (x3) can't give E.G. your marbles.  She will choke on them.
No...I just said not to give her your marbles!
I told you not to shut the door anymore.  That's why you keep getting stuck in there.
Mia, please don't go in the bathroom anymore.
No...that isn't candy, those are tampons.
Mia, please don't hit E.G. in the head.
Don't throw the video monitor!
Where are your panties?
Mia, I told you to let Mommy dump your pee pee out into the potty.
Mia, I know you are trying to help me put the laundry away, but now I have to refold it all again.  Please just watch me.
Mia, I just asked you not to throw the laundry!
No...don't go in E.G's room.  She is sleeping.
You can't play with that pen.  Go get your crayons.
Mia, don't open the pen.  Go get your crayons!

But just like in the book, I love this little girl to pieces.  I seriously can't get enough of her.  (I wrote a whole post about her, remember?)

Hopefully this stage will fly by!!! (Is there a verb that is faster than "fly"? Whiz? ???)  And is there a way that this "stage" can fly by without my Mia Jubilee getting any older?  I don't want to rush that part. :)

I hope you all enjoy your day!

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  1. hahahaha - "no those are not candy..." I am still asking my 3 year-old where he took off his clothes.

    Thanks for putting me on your list of reads - I am so honored. You're on mine as well!