Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Little Bragging...

Every mommy is proud of their kiddos.  I stare at Mia Jubilee all of the time and tell her how proud I am of her.  Here are a few reasons why...

She has known her colors and been able to sort them for about 4 months now.

She can talk REALLY well!  Seriously...she's pretty darn good.  :)

She LOVES her sister.  This makes my heart smile.

She has been potty trained for a month.  (Although we still put diapers on her when she sleeps....just in case!)

She has a heart for others and has a generous spirit.

She sings and dances all of the time.  If she hears music, her hips start moving!  And she's even started to make up her own songs to sing to E.G. :)

She would cook all day if we would let her.  She is great at pretending and cooks some yummy stuff in her little kitchen.

She is the perfect combination between dependent and independent.  She will play by herself, but will also let me snuggle her.  (It's pretty hard to get a kiss from her though!)

Her new favorite movie is Cinderella. 

She LOVES to play on our bed!!!!  Now she sits in there and watches Cinderella under the covers.  Sweet.

Her naughtiness is hilarious.  We have to hold back smiles a lot.

She responds well to discipline.

She has a tender heart.

She LOVES her family (aunts, uncles, g'mas, papas, cousins, etc) and talks about them ALL of the time.  She even pretends to text and call them on the phone.

One of her new things is pretending to take pictures.  She can turn anything into a camera.  (even her monkey)  She asks you to smile and then looks at her "camera" and says, "That's a good one."

She's a great artist.

She knows several shapes and letters of the alphabet!

She could sit and read books forever!  I love when she "reads to us" too!

She kisses E.G.'s toes all of the time and tells her that she "misses her".

She has never acted jealous of E.G.  She seems confident in who she is and joins in with us to love on E.G.

She LOVES the outdoors!

She prefers to be naked.  It's so hard to get her to keep her clothes on!!!!!  (Hopefully this will be a short phase.)

She just plain cute.  Seriously...God went about and beyond when he created my curly headed, JOYFUL Mia Jubilee.

She's not a perfect kid, and I'm sure we see her through rose colored glasses, but we're her parents. :)

And we are smitten. :)

(Sorry about the grainy pictures.  Most of them were taken on my phone.)


  1. I love this post! Something for her to read when she's older...she'll know exactly how you felt! I recently started a journal for my son...he's almost 9 months. I wanted to be able to describe in detail his milestones to him, or funny things he did, just life in general--and not have to limit it to the one line the baby books allow :) It's amazing how huge your heart can grow to hold all the love for your children, isn't it?