Saturday, February 27, 2010

We LOVE our family!

Caleb and I are constantly aware of the fact that we both have WONDERFUL families.  I can't imagine being married to someone whose parents I didn't get along with (and Caleb feels the same way).  Although we are aware of how amazing you all are, we often forget to tell you.  So although this doesn't begin to express our thankfulness, please know that we cherish all of you a TON! 

Before Mia was born, I would write to her about how I couldn't wait for her to get here because she was going to be loved SO MUCH by so many people!  I really enjoy watching how much all of you adore her and can't wait for her to really begin building relationships with all of you.  She has no clue that she has been born in to such a unique and fun family! 

I've tried to snap a few pics here and there for her to have when she gets older.  Here are a few of them...  (And to those of you who haven't met her yet...we can't wait!)


1st feeding for Caleb!

So Caleb finally got to feed Mia!  She has been such a good eater from day 1, which we are VERY thankful for.  It was not only his first time feeding his little girl, it was his first time EVER feeding a baby!  It was such a sweet thing to watch.  :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I can't believe that we got to bring Mia home one month ago!  The first night was a little crazy, but we LOVE having her in our family.  This month has flown by, but don't worry...Caleb and I have taken LOTS of pictures and video in hopes to always remember this sweet time.  Our friend, Rhonda, took pictures of Mia this week and asked us what we want to remember about this age.  

Some of our answers:
The way she holds her thumbs, her sweet noises, her CRAZY hair, her tiny features (Caleb still can't get over how small she is), all of her faces, her frog like sleeping position, and TONS more!

God has blessed us so much that it is sometimes easy to focus on the "gift" and forget to acknowledge the "giver".  I was challenged and encouraged last week by one of our friends who said "God lives inside of you.  It is hard not to spend time with the One who is always with you."  Since then I have really cherished all of the late night feedings and quiet car rides.  Finding the "time" to spend with the Lord isn't as hard now as I learn to stop in the midst of the craziness and acknowledge Him, talk to Him, and begin to rest in His presence.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Up and Running!


We finally have a blog site set up!  So many of our friends and family live far away and/or don't have Facebook (the place where we post most of our photos).  Instead of emailing back and forth, we thought it would be easier to create a site where everyone could visit to check out what is going on in our lives.  (And you grandparents can check out Mia anytime you want!)  We hope you will visit our site often to see what the Lord is doing in our family!