Thursday, January 31, 2013

Detox: Final Thoughts

The Detox for Women is a 30 day commitment.  I finished yesterday, so I thought I'd share a few thoughts about my experience.

-I lost 10 lbs (give or take a few).  I didn't weigh myself the day I started, so I'm just guessing how much I weighed on day one.

-I cheated pretty much every day. The majority of the time my cheating only consisted of a bite here...a bite there, but there were several days where I ate and ate and ate. (not proud...just keepin' it real) 

-Don't get discouraged when you cheat.  Forgive yourself and then jump back in!

-I feel a lot better.  :)

-I am encouraged to start working out now!  I need muscle, and this detox gave me the jump start I need to get moving!

-Don't be fooled...30 days is a looooooonnnnng time!  I didn't think it would feel that long, but good grief, it felt like 3 months!!!

-One of the biggest changes in the way I eat is in the morning.  The better I start my day off, the better I eat for the rest of the day.

-I look at food very differently now.  I don't think I could do this plan forever, but it has definitely made me think about what I'm eating (especially when I'm snacking).  

-Even though the detox is over, I'll still probably eat 75% of the way that I've been eating.  At least for another month.  I just feel so much better!

That's about it!  Feel free to message me with any questions. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Women's Detox: Day 11

Day 11: (out of 30)

Only 19 days to go!

-I eat WAY less food than I used to.

-I’ve lost about 5 lbs.

-I already have more energy! (I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of this!)

-I’ve ‘cheated’ a few times: a bite here, a bite there…I’ve never just sat down and actually eaten a meal of something I shouldn’t have though.  Sometimes it just helps to have a bite of brownie in your mouth!!! I let it sit there for a few seconds before I ate it.  :)   (Before doing this detox, I seriously would have eaten SEVERAL brownies at a time.)

-Still drinking LOTS of water!

-I’ve had TONS of cravings over the last few days…which is why I “cheated” by taking a bite. J

-Tried a new veggie juice and almost hurled! (I’ll stick to my kale, celery, stevia, and lemon)

-Went on a date with the hubs last night and had AMAZING fish and veggies!!! (Eating fish for dinner is on the plan!!!!)

-I’ve started “rebounding”.  Natalia talks about this in her book.  It sounded bonkers to me, but after researching it, turns out that once again, she’s right!  It’s so good for your health!  So…I’m giving it a go.  (Rebounding is just jumping up and down on a mini trampoline.  Google it.  You’ll learn about different exercises as well as all of the health benefits. PLUS I can do it without leaving the house and can roll it out of the way when I’m done….that is, IF my girls aren’t jumping on it. J )

-Salads have gotten a bit old.  I’ve been roasting veggies more often.  I NEED to make new recipes.  I’m just nervous that they’ll end up tasting like that veggie juice I tried.

-I’ve had dinner at friends’ houses a couple times.  I just take my own salad/ dressing.  That part hasn’t been very hard.  (Although I did have to say ‘no’ to some AMAZING food sitting in front of me.)

-I’ve realized how much food I used to eat just because I didn’t want it to go to waste.  Apparently I took on the role of the family dog by eating the last few crackers, leftover bites on dinner plates, the crust on PBJs, etc!  That’s all stopped.  I refrigerate more of it, and just throw the rest away.  I’m still conscious about it every time I do it though.  I hear, “Natalie…there are starving children in Africa.” in my head, which is what my parents used to tell me to get me so that I would eat my dinner. Haha  Come on…you know you’ve all heard it from your parents, or maybe even said it to your own children!

Over all, things are going well.  J  I’ll keep you updated!  Feel free to email or FB me with any specific questions.  It’s been great hearing from several of you!

Friday, January 4, 2013

SIX months, people!!! 

That's how long it's been since I've blogged!  I honestly have just lost the interest and haven't had time to put into it. (Plus, to be honest...I have Instagram now, which plays a part in recording family memories while sharing them with others.)

So why now?  Why am I writing again?  I've started a 30 day detox and thought I would just record my thoughts/ how things are going.  Sound boring?  You're totally welcome to un-follow me.  However, there are several people out 'there' who are wanting to change the way they juice more...and to take control of their eating habits.  If that's you or you just want to read about MY experience, then stick around!

This next month of blogging will not be fancy, gramatically correct, or full of fun pictures. (Although I do hope to have a 'before and after' body pic by the end.)  It is what it is....enjoy!

Detox for Women:
I started the cleanse (I'm doing a modified version) 3 days ago…January 1, 2013.  So far it hasn’t been that bad.  I’ve been a bit under the weather (flu like symptoms) but surprisingly I’ve still enjoyed eating a new, healthier way.

Easy things:
-drinking water.  The first day I drank over 4 liters.  The past two days I have had a little over 3 liters.
-LOVE that I can eat LOTS if I want to.
-I can eat chicken!  My body needs the protein.

Kind of difficult:
-I should have been more prepared before I started. (stocked up on foods, planned recipes, read book before starting, tested the juicer to see if it actually worked!)
-juicing…only bc I ran out of ingredients (mentioned above in the “should have been more prepared”.  It's fun to see how many people are juicing though!  I posted a pic of my first concoction and got tons of feedback/ recipe ideas.
-need something sweet (also falls into the “should have been more prepared”.  NR says I can eat dark chocolate and a certain type of ice cream.  I just need to go get it.)
-not taking bites of what my family is eating.  (although I have cheated some, and I've totally released myself from the guilt)

Really hard:
-nothing at this point

Reasons for starting:
-Body image! Still hanging on to (and GAINING) weight after baby #2!
-Need.  More.  Energy.  SERIOUSLY!
-Deal with food issues. (I eat for the wrong reasons…stress, emotions, taste.)
-learn portion control
-Get healthier and learn to take care of my body!
-30 days, as well as still being able to EAT, seemed like an attainable goal.
-And my friend, Liz, had done it before and had great things to say about it. Plus, she's doing it again with me!

See you soon!!! (not in 6 months!)