Friday, July 6, 2012

Women: Just do it...

I've wanted to write A LOT over the past two weeks.  I've wanted to share thoughts, questions, encouraging words, etc.  I've wanted to share testimonies and celebrate Father's love.  But I just haven't.  No time.  Or at least, not the RIGHT time. :)

I'll leave you with this today:

KNOW...KNOW that you are righteous.  Not because of what you do, have done, or could ever conger up in any way...but by GRACE alone.  

Know that you are SPECIAL.  Know that you are LOVED.  Know that Father's heart for you is overflowing with goodness.  His heart is to prosper you and not to harm you.  Believe it.  Receive it.

Know that you NEED community.  (Not a bazillion friends, but a few intimate good ones who will encourage you, love on you, think about you throughout the day and pray for you.)

Know that you are not alone in ANY thought/ feeling that you have.  Talk it out with'll see. :)

Know that the girl who seems to have it all together may be the one who needs someone to love on her the most.  

Know that you are created to GIVE and POUR LIFE into other women.  Speak encouraging words.  Listen.  Love.  Learn. (This may look like an afternoon with someone, a simple text, a smile, or asking questions to allow them to share what's on their heart.)

And don't feel like you have to wait until you "have it all together" before you can begin. 

Just do it....LOVE!

P.S...Thanks to those of you who talked to me about the last post.  It just re-affirmed that this is definitely something that needs to be talked about and that needs to change. :)  LOVE Y'ALL!


  1. Love this Natalie - Thank you :)

  2. Love it. It's so important to remember that as women, we need to instill these thoughts into our children's minds. I am so thankful for my mom who always knew who she was, from a young age, and passed on that resilience and was able to help others along the way.