Saturday, April 3, 2010

Refocusing on the DEATH and it out! :)

I realized this morning, that this Easter I've totally just been focussed on what Mia will wear, taking a cute pic with her bunny ears on, her first Easter basket, and hanging out with friends and family.  While all of those things are fantastic, I have yet to really sit and ingest what Good Friday and Easter are really about.  To sit in His presence and receive every purpose of the cross and Jesus' resurrection.  God is good to me daily (and not just by surrounding me with countless tangible blessings), He has freed me and opened my eyes to His Truth.  :)  This holiday reminds me to exercise the power of the Holy Spirit within me.  Seriously Church, we DO have the SAME Spirit that is in Jesus.  God loves His creation (including you) so much!

Thanks FOR REAL for being such amazing friends and family to me! :)  Happy Easter weekend!  

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  1. Hey Beautiful Creation that you are!!
    Natalie, I am so grateful for your love for our Father..Thankyou for this post!
    Also..i went back and got caught up on your sweet MIA!!! HOLY CRAZY DELISHIOUSNESS!!!!
    I cannot wait to meet your Mia Jubilee! I laughed SO hard on the Tracking video..seriously..she is BRILLIANT!! and ofcourse she would be an awesome singer...HEL-LOO! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
    ps..your in my favorites now...:)