Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SOOOOO Thankful...

Does your family have any Thanksgiving traditions?  Growing up, my family had a few:

1. We (mainly just me) always start the day off by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
2. puzzles
3. basketball games in the driveway (My Granny actually did a REAL "granny shot" one year! haha)
4. black olives! (on all 10 fingers)
5. FAMILY, family, and more family!!!!
6. soccer games
7. folding the table napkins in unique ways
8. yummy, not so healthy, stomach filling food!!!!! (with a little pumpkin pie to top it off)
9. games and/or movies
10. sharing what you're thankful for while sitting around the table

Even though you know AT LEAST 3 people will ask you what you are thankful for during this season, you're still never REALLY prepared to answer.  Most people say the first thing that pops into their mind: God, family, food, a house, etc...  These are all things I am very thankful for, but there is SO MUCH more!  So, in an effort to become more aware of all the great things in my life, I have started an "I am thankful for...." list.  Wanna know what's on it?  I thought you would, so I started to write one on here, but quickly realized I felt like people were looking into my life.  haha!  So I think I'll keep it private for now.  But go ahead and start your own!  It doesn't have to be a Thanksgiving only list...keep it going all year long!  And extend it to others.  Choose someone in your life and tell them at least 5 reasons why you are thankful for them. :)  Then...choose someone else and do the same thing!

Enjoy this season!  And try to make it GREAT for someone else!

uh oh!

I mean could you not just adore this little bundle of joy!

She is a pro at using this little contraption. I can't believe she is getting so big!!!

Gracie and I went to get Mia up from her nap.  You see who she is pointing to. :)  Mia LOVES our cat.

The tree in our front yard had AMAZING leaves.  They dropped in about 3 days though.

SO GLAD Caleb is back from Haiti!

I wish you could hear her elephant noise.  It is so cute!

Trying to type while Daddy works...

No no, Mia!

She can always get his attention :)

He is so good to her. :)

Hopefully these pictures made you smile a bit!  Have a GREAT day!


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