Friday, December 10, 2010

Mia is walking!

This baby is walking!!!!  Mia has always had strong little legs, but I never thought that she would start walking at 10 months!  It seems like I just had her yesterday, and now she is running around everywhere!  Words cannot begin to express how much we LOVE this little girl and how proud we are of her!

(That is her bow in her mouth.  She's not a big fan of keeping it in these days.)

10 months was a big milestone for Mia.  Here are a few of the things she is doing...

- Walking
- She understands a lot of what we say (except the word "no") haha
- bringing us things that she wants (her cheerios cup...for more cheerios, bottle, books to read, etc!)
- "talks" on her play phone while walking around
- climbs in and out of her car by herself
- signs "more" and "all done"
- waves goodbye
- throws EVERYTHING out of her crib.  (kind of cute...kind of not)
- points at stuff for us to look at (or stuff that she wants)
- feeds her baby its bottle
- gives kisses!
- growls, makes an elephant noise, and tries to meow like our cat
- pretends to give us something, then pulls it back to herself and laughs! :)
- sits and "reads" books for a long time.  It is so cute to watch her look at the pics and jibber jabber. :)
- ties her shoes 
- changes her own diaper
- washes dishes

Haha...okay, the last three haven't come yet, but we are having so much fun watching her discover new things.  We are thankful, thankful, thankful for our Mia Jubilee!  Enjoy this last picture!

She was so COLD and tired of taking pictures.  This is the sweetest baby in the world! :)  We're totally smitten and IN LOVE with her!

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