Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ball of Yarn for a Brain

As I sit down to write a new post, my mind races with words.  Where do I start?  What would people want to know about?  What HAVE I been doing this last month?  Not knowing how in the world to begin organizing my thoughts into a well scripted piece, I have decided to release them at random as they come to my mind.  Bear with me...

-Work.  While some people loathe the word, I actually don't mind it.  Going back into the classroom was rejuvenating for me.  I was shocked at realizing how much I REALLY enjoy teaching!  I LOVED being home with Mia, but getting up early to start my day, watching young minds thrive on new knowledge, and having adult conversations over lunch has been awesome.  Needless to say, if my amazing mom and sister weren't keeping Mia while I was at work, it probably would have been a lot harder to go back.  However, knowing that Mia is being well taken care of has freed me to love on other people's children throughout the day.

Although I do enjoy my job, I miss being home with Mia.  Thankfully I get to have the best of BOTH worlds next school year.  My principal has agreed to let another teacher and I do a "job share".  I will teach in the mornings, and she will teach in the afternoons.  From talking to other teachers who share a classroom, they LOVE it and say that parents have enjoyed it as well.  God has totally opened up this door, so I am excited to see how things shape up.

-Mia.  My sweet Mia.  I cannot begin to explain how much I am enjoying getting to know her!  She is full of JOY and excitement!  Caleb and I spend hours talking to her, laughing at her, and even watching her sleep.  I'm telling you...God has created one amazing human being!  While she was in my belly I prayed that she would be a woman of God who brought others joy.  In her own little baby way Mia is already fulfilling those words that were spoken over her.  So many people tell me how funny she is, how they love her smile, how sweet she is, how strong she is, what a great singer she is, etc!!!  Mia brings people joy and she is only 3 months old!

As far as her development goes, Mia continues to get stronger and stronger every day!  She holds her head up well, plays in her exersaucer, and she has been rolling from her belly to her back for about 2 weeks now.  While rolling over is extremely exciting for me, it does cause a slight problem while she is sleeping.  :)  When she flips over though, we usually just put her back on her belly, replace the paci, and cross our fingers in hopes that she will fall back asleep.  She almost always does, so no worries there.

-Marriage.  Someone should have told me that marriage would be harder with a baby! Okay, okay...so lots of people have said that it would be.  Thankfully I have an amazing husband who helps around the house, works hard, encourages me, and continues to pursue me like we are still dating.  Don't get me wrong now, there are still times when I wish Caleb and I could just hop in the car and go on a spur of the moment trip or even just go hang out downtown until ten/eleven o'clock, but as for now we are enjoying short date nights and all of the priceless hours we get to hang out with Mia.  (By the way, Caleb is a wonderful daddy, and Mia is totally in love with him already.  But I mean, who is surprised by that?)  This picture is from our date night at Kanpai of Tokyo.  We were celebrating Caleb's 25th birthday!

-Pictures.  A few weeks ago I felt really sad all of a sudden because I felt like my busy life had "taken the camera out of my hand" so to speak.  I was used to taking so many pictures and videos of Mia, but realized that I was slowly getting more and more slack about it.  Caleb quickly reminded me that we have TONS of pictures of her, so as not to worry.  AND BOY WAS HE RIGHT!  I started uploading some of them to Shutterfly today.  A few hours later I finally finished.  Either our internet is really slow or Mia is one frequently photographed baby! (Probably a little of both.)  Don't worry...take a deep breath...I am NOT going to post them all.  I will, however try to pic out some of our favorites.  As much as these pictures of Mia are a treasure, hanging out with her in person is like nothing else.  If you haven't met her, we would LOVE for you to!  She is a blessing!!!

Happy Easter!  (2 1/2 months)

I was late to Mia's doctor's appointment, so we had to reschedule.  She was supposed to 
get her immunization shots at that appointment, but she got out of it.  
Don't you love her cute glasses that Blythe and Eric got her?  :)

Mia LOVES her cousin, Susannah!  Susannah entertains Mia during the day.  :)

Even though she is cuter than a button, I REALLY don't like for Mia to sleep in the car.  As soon as we pull into the driveway, she wakes up and thinks that nap time is over.  (She is pretty cute though, huh?)

Band-aid from her immunization shots.  She did great!  I think she only cried for about 15 seconds.


FULL of smiles!

So sweet and sleepy...

Umh...WE LOVE HER!!!

I love how she always puts her feet together.  I think she is 3 months here.

Caleb was showing Mia our gorgeous Knock Out Roses.  She was a little sleepy.  :)

This is what I see when I hear her cooing in her bed.  :)  LOVE IT!

Smiling for Daddy...

Teething!!!  Wish those teeth would come on in!

Our swing that Caleb built.  I love to swing here with Mia.  (No...those are not weeds in the plant bed.  They are some kind of plant.  Looks like weeds from here though.  haha)

Chewing on Daddy's finger.  Caleb laughs so hard when she does this.  :)


Just woke up.  :)

Mia started grabbing toys last week. 

She LOVES baths now.  :)  Her hair is so curly when it is wet.  I comb it down though because when it dries, the curls just stick up.  I think her hair needs to get a little bit longer before she goes curly. :)


Rolling over...

She is supposed to be sleeping, but she keeps rolling over.

She has started to hold her monkey now too.  Thanks Amy!

Told ya...FULL of JOY.  (Mia JUBILEE)

Our family of 3 :)

... she really is loved by SO MANY of you!  Thanks for loving our sweet little girl! :)


  1. Hey Mrs. C Dather!!
    I Loved looking through these pictures... HER LEGS ARE DELICIOUS!!!! Oh My!! We have a little giftie for her..ummm...just gotta get myself over there..Thankyou for the sweet message..you are such an encouragemnent!!
    and I am glad to see you are settling in nicely with your kids at school!! I hope to see you soon!

  2. So sweet, Natalie!! I can't wait to hold her!!