Thursday, May 13, 2010

enJOYing my Mia :)

Since when were chunky thighs so appealing?
I am beginning to miss Mia's sweet smiles and chunky thighs more and more while I'm at work, so as soon as I get home I try to "hang out" with her and squeeze those thighs as much as I can.  And when I can't actually get my hands on them, I have the pictures on my cell phone to look at instead.  :)  

What's new with Mia?

-She has given us a few chuckles this last week.  It's funny how Caleb and I will do the same silly things over and over just to hear that sweet "almost laugh" of hers.

-The doc would be proud!  Mia has been sleeping on her back this week.  (She's a belly sleeper for those of you who didn't remember the crazy first month we had trying to make her sleep on her back.)  What caused the change?  Who knows!  She was rolling from her tummy to her back ALL the time (which would wake her up).  She also was really congested from all of the pollen.  But still...I don't know why she made the change after 3 months of sleeping on her stomach. long as she's sleeping, I'm a happy mommy.  :)  P.S...She LOVES her monkey.  :)

-Mia LOVES her exersaucer.  She plays with toys, chews on them, and even throws them down (on accident of course).  We love to sneak a peek at her chunky thighs that hang out of the bottom.

-Baths are still a favorite of hers.  Caleb likes to bundle her up.  :)  So sweet...

-She has started grabbing my face!  (wish I had a pic of this)  I love that she is beginning to actively show an interest in us.  

-SLOBBER TIME!  Mia is starting to chew on toys.

-She's starting to reach for her feet!  She actually grabbed a few of her toes the other day.  I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she is putting them in her mouth.  :/

-She still loves to sing and is getting better and better.  We sing ALL the time!  :)  I make up songs with her name in them just like my mom did for me.  I think Caleb thinks we are a little crazy, but we don't care!  Jubilee rhymes with so many adverbs.  haha :)

-She said "mommy" for the first time!!!!  (Okay, so that is totally NOT true, but I can't wait until that day comes!)...not that I am trying to speed up time.  I could pause this age forever! :) :) :)

Mia Jubilee...15 weeks :)


  1. SOOO smiley!!! She's grown and changed just since I saw her last! I like her. :o)

  2. Ditto...I like her too!
    So..are they bringing back the delicious thigh??
    Wouldn't that relieve alot of pressure!!