Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beach Time!

Hip hip hooray!  We finally made it to the beach.

Ride to Harbor Island = 5 hours ride, 2 blow outs (diapers-not flat tires), 2 thirty minute naps, and an overall pretty well behaved baby, despite the fact that she is cutting two teeth!

First time viewing the ocean = lots of shock and awe from Mia.  I mean, literally she was speechless.  That massive body of water tends to do that to people.  :)

First time in the pool = an indescribably cute baby in a swimsuit, 2 chunky thighs, and a relaxing time in perfect water.  (that is until Mia got kicked out of the pool.  Diapers aren't allowed in the pool.  Caleb says we should just not put a diaper on her then.  Don't worry folks, I'm going to follow the rules and not put a diaper-less baby in the pool.  What a mess that would be!)

Check out some of our pics so far!  And HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!

So sweet!

Yeah!  Headin' to the beach!

Mia's feet and monkey from our view in the car

She's awake and happy!

Oh my goodness....I love her!


Mia's first view of the ocean

Riding the golf cart to the pool!

Pool Time!

My AWESOME family!!!!


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