Monday, October 11, 2010

We're Back! (Mia 5-8 months)

Have no fear...we're still here!

I guess I've just been a little busy lately.  I thought that staying home would be extremely boring, but it is actually TONS of fun!  Needless to say, my days are almost always still full, so I am working on using my time better.  :)  I did a lot of consulting work in September, but now things are starting to slow down.

One thing that hasn't slowed down though is my time with Mia Jubilee.  She's not only full of joy, but she brings joy to others around her! :)  Here are some of the pics over the past four months. has been FOUR months since I have posted on the blog.  Enjoy!
Mia learning to sit up (6 mo)

Hanging with Papa!

This makes you smile, doesn't it? :)

6 month picture!  
(We put a dollar in her bank on her monthly bday)

Reading with Mommy!  Mia LOVES books!

Mia had to come to work with me for a few weeks while we wrote curriculum.  
Baby Einstein is on the screen in the background.  :)

watching her movie

In the big tub!  I only used this thing once though.  It wasn't my favorite. :)

Mia's hair has baby powder in it.  I put vaseline in it to help the tiny bit of cradle cap.  Boy did I regret it!  It took a ton of baby powder along with 6 or 7 hair washes to get it out!!!

Reading with Charis!

The first time I found her sitting up after a nap.  I was so proud!  haha

If this picture only had sound!!!!  Caleb tickles her under her chin and she LOVES it!  Her chuckle is the sweetest!


learning to crawl (6.5 mo)

Playing with Charis!

First time I found her sitting up in her own crib. :)

7 mo pic.

Miss Personality

7 months :)

At the doctor for her 6 month well visit (even though she was 7 mo.)

Playing with Daddy!  She always hits her head under the table, so he helps her!

I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!  This is our cat, Gracie!

She fell asleep like this. :)

Reading the manual to the camera.  So smart!

Watch out, Gracie!

Too cute!

Reading her book

She LOVES her rubber ducky!

Chunk?  Yes please!!!!

I think she looks like Caleb here.  :)


Gracie has no fear!

Smiling at her daddy!

Eating puffs in her Clemson outfit!


Playing with Papa!

I miss my sweet nieces.  I can't wait 'til they come visit!!!

Sweet Caroline!

Looking out the front door for her favorite neighbor, Charis!

I love this pic because Charis has a cape on, Mia is so intrigued, and Caleb is working from home.  We are blessed that we get to see him during the day every once in a while.

Just another one of her cute faces!

Playing basketball with Daddy!

Time with Noni

My baby girl :)

Why is it that carrots seem to be the messiest food?!!!!

Rolls...rolls...and more rolls!

My favorite

What d'you say?

Mia went fishing and caught a Mia!

Her daddy called her name and as she turned around, I took this shot.  He makes her smile!

Eating out to celebrate Mia turning 8 months old!

Pulling up on EVERYTHING!!!


Hanging out at Wells' bday!  She was crawling everywhere!...

and eating EVERYTHING! (including rocks!)

Playing with her toys! (I love that she stands so much!)


Mine and Caleb's 2 year anniversary! (Mia 8 mo)

So...I bought this for Mia to wear on Halloween.  Needless to say, she hated it!  It's back to the drawing board!

One guess who she is smiling at...

Just doing a little fishing!

Reading with Daddy!

Cameron, learning to cut :)  I love his concentration AND his silly bandz!

Bryson, sounding out words!


haha!  She did this all the time while her top 2 teeth were coming in.  (Yes, she is 8.5 mo and has 4 teeth!  The top ones aren't totally in yet though.)

Communicating with her daddy. :)  Check out that look.

And I leave you with a picture of my extremely handsome husband!  We took a "stay-cation" in Downtown Greenville for our anniversary. I'll post pics of our trip later.

Hopefully I'll update the blog weekly instead of every 4 months.  This last post took me a couple hours to download all the pics.  Not the best use of my time, but I hope you have enjoyed them!  I am absolutely LOVING my life!!!!

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  1. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
    And that "What'd you say?" pic? DAN.
    I love your pics. And your family. :o)