Friday, March 5, 2010

Mia's (one month) Well Visit

Mia had her 1 month well visit today, and she didn't enjoy it any more the second time than the first.  At 6 weeks old she is a healthy baby!  She may have a little bit of reflux, but other than that, the doctor and nurse were impressed with how well she is doing.

She has almost grown 2 inches and is now 23.5 in long! (97 %tile)
The circumference of her head is in the 92 %tile.
She has gained almost 4 pounds and is now 12.63 lbs! (98 %tile)

So as you can see, she is no scrawny lion (remember that book, mom?)  Her "heftiness" (Madagascar 2) was no surprise to us though as we see her squishy and oh so lovable thighs every time we change that size 1 diaper!  The doctor is pleased that she is proportionate and says that Mia may not always grow at this rate, but that she must be drinking some "healthy" milk.  (Come to find out, all of those bowls of ice cream and Girl Scout cookies that I've been eating have NOTHING to do with her weight gain.  Just mine :/ )

After Mia settled back down from being cold and naked, it was time for her 2nd Hep B vaccine.  WOW!  When the nurse stuck the needle in Mia's thigh I don't think she took a breath for at least 10 seconds.  Poor thing.  She got a cute purple band-aid though...if only that had cheered her up.  All in all, Mia Jubilee was a trooper!  (I mean, would you expect anything less from a Riles/ Dather offspring?)

Our sweet nurse and Mia

chunky thighs :)

Purple band-aid

Such a trooper!  She was smiling again in no time at all.  :)

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