Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mia is going to have a little....????

Mia is going to have a little...


I TOTALLY thought we were having a boy, but it seriously did not matter to us either way.  Caleb and I are soooooo happy!  Mia and baby girl #2 will share a room so that our third bedroom can be the playroom.  Now it can stay girlie! (even though it will be a tad cramped)  AHHHH!!! We STILL can't believe it.  TWO girls?  And they'll be 20 months apart?!!!  Who would have ever thought that Caleb would be the daddy of TWO GIRLS?  haha!

We definitely hope to one day have some boys too, but we are totally stoked at the outcome of today's ultrasound!  Check out some of the pics!

healthy spine!

legs all stretched out

She was singing to us!  You should have seen her moving that tiny mouth! :)

left: nose/ mouth; right: face

profile with leg up by her head

cutie pie profile

It's a girl! :)

Thanks for celebrating with us!  We seriously have some AWESOME friends and family!!!!!


  1. What a sweet face picture! You can so tell she was smiling! Congrats guys!

  2. yay!!!!! i love little girls!! i mean i love my little boy too but little girls with their daddies melt my heart. I am so excited for y'all. You are going to LOVE having them so close together in age...I wouldn't trade it for anything. Love you Natalie!

  3. Congratulations!! Having 2 little girls is SO much fun!

  4. That's so awesome Nat! Katherine and I are only 18 months part and people always thought we were twins! I loved growing up with a sister that close in age! :) So thankful to hear the news of your healthy baby girl!

  5. We're SOOO happy for you all! Having 2 girls close together IS fun! Praise God for His continued blessings!! Love you! Sandi & Scott

  6. Congrats Nat...thats so great! Nothing better than a sister!

  7. Congratulations!!!! We love y'all!