Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Coffee Table Makeover

This coffee table was one of my first "makeovers" that I did.  I have been wanting a new table for a LONG time.  I bought this one when I moved into my house 6 years ago.  It was great then, but Mia bangs her toys on the glass all of the time (there have been times where I seriously thought the glass had broken) and crumbs get stuck in the crack around the edge.  

During a visit to my mom's work one day, I stumbled upon this table.  It had marble inserts that were broken, but I immediately fell in love with it!  And the best part about it...it was FREE!  I went to Home Depot to have wood cut for the inserts and got to painting right away!

The wood wasn't exactly the right size, so I had to sand it down some.

After a couple coats of paint and some light sanding, I got my new coffee table!


We LOVE it!  It is lower than our last table, NOT made of glass, and very easy to clean!

Distressed details make it look old.

LOVE the character! :)

The best part of this project?  The total cost of the table was $15 (cost of wood for inserts).  I sold my other coffee table for $65 on Craigslist within 2 days!  I made an easy profit of 50 bucks AND I have a new table!  Instead of spending money to buy a new one, I MADE money!  Gotta love when that happens! :)

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