Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 Beach Trip: Day 1

We had a pretty good trip down to the beach.  Despite the traffic and a minor fender bender, things went pretty smoothly.  As soon as we unloaded our luggage though, we headed to the beach!!!!  I couldn't wait to see what Mia would do!  This was her second trip to the beach, but she was only 5 months last year, so I doubt she remembers. :)

Of course she chose to ride on the golf cart.  I mean hey...why ride in a truck when you have a perfectly good golf cart loaded with your cousins?

Harbor Island is home to lots of alligators.  It's hard to drive by this look out without stopping.  There was only a little baby there this time.

Can you see it?  He was about 3 feet long.

Once we got to the beach, the kids took off!   Ahhhh!  Mia was already having TONS of fun!  It's crazy how much joy it brings a mom to watch her child shrieking with excitement. :)

I'm not sure Mia knew exactly what she thought of the ocean at first.  She quickly warmed up to it though.  Check out just a couple of the videos and pics we took. :)

I call this video "Mia + ocean = pure joy!"

Caleb pointing out the ocean to Mia

Checking it out

Not wanting to let go of Daddy's hand just yet

Ok...I'll touch it!

It didn't take long for her to fully embrace it!  She LOVES to splash!



I love that the water is so calm where we stay.  We always go to Hunting Island for a day (a mile down the road) to give the kids some time with bigger waves, but by the end of the day they are asking to go back to the calm water.  It's perfect for kids. :)

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