Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I did it...

...I bought the Mr. Potato Head.

Caleb and I have been trying not to spend ANY unnecessary money.  This means no decorating, fast food, toys, etc.  However, I have a sweet baby that I LOVE to give gifts to.

I think I told y'all that she's all about Toy Story right now, right?  We now have a Buzz and a Slinky (thanks to my friend, Natalee's boys who sold them to Mia to raise money for their beach trip).  Woody will be her "big sister" gift when Lucy is born, but I've looked at Potato Heads for about 6 months now and just have never made the plunge to buy one.

Until I fell in love with this bundle:




I found them on Craigslist and just couldn't stop thinking about them.  I know we aren't spending money right now, but this was unique!  When would I ever find these again?  There are 4 babies, 2 regular sized potato heads, and a giant one (15" tall) to keep all of the TONS of extra parts in! (plus there are a bunch of Disney parts)

I sold a stroller and swing on Craigslist to earn some extra moola!  My mom wanted to chip in on half of the cost too. (THANKS, MOM!)  So I purchased the potato head without feeling "bad" about spending money. WOO HOO!

I felt even better about my purchase when I saw Mia's reaction to them.  She literally played with them ALL day yesterday.  As soon as she woke up from her nap, she put a couple of them on the couch with her while she ate her snack and watched...Toy Story, of course!  :)

She is OBSESSED with the "babies" (the little ones) and carries around the giant potato that stores all of the parts.

I'm so glad I bought these!  (and since they made me pursue selling my stroller and swing, we even made some money to add to our bank account) Score! :)

P.S. Mia is currently playing with them right now.  Seriously people...great purchase! :)

Have an awesome day!  

And let me know if you or someone you know wants to buy two Pottery Barns children's chairs. :)


  1. KristinCunninghamJuly 19, 2011 at 1:46 PM

    Hey Natalie, this is Kristin(Reimer)Cunningham. I love checking your blog, you've got some great ideas. I actually just shared your blog with a friend who had mentioned making bookshelves. I think she may try your sisters method with the rain gutters. Super cute idea! Anyway, just thought i'd share a Mr. Potato head memory with you. For whatever reason, i have this memory of going to the church office when i was little,(over at People's) and your mom having a box with a Mr. Potato head in it. I guess I must have thought it was the coolest thing that she had toys in her office. To this day I think of your mom when i see a Mr. Potato Head! :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. That is awesome, Kristen. I'll have to tell her you said that. She actually still has the potato head in her office, but he only has a few pieces left. haha (Thanks for the encouragement about the blog too! It's good to hear people actually read it.) :)