Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mia's new crush...

FINALLY...Mia is hooked on a different movie!  For weeks (maybe longer) all she wanted to watch was Little Rascals.  While I love that cute little movie, it gets old after let's say...watching it 100 times!  Caleb and I would find ourselves quoting it and singing the songs.  AHHHHH!!!!!  

We are now on to the next favorite movie: Toy Story!  It's nice to have a change. :)

We were walking around Walmart the other day while Caleb got his oil changed, and what do you know?  We stumbled upon Woody!  It was love at first sight for Miss Mia Jubilee.  I wanted so badly to buy it for her, but he was a whopping $35!  I told Caleb, "That's okay.  I'll go home and google the cheapest place to buy him."  Turns out Walmart IS the cheapest place. (and Target too)  He is $50 at Toys R Us and $40 on Amazon.  What in the world?!!!  haha  I'm thinking this may be Mia's "big sister" gift when the new baby gets here. :)

By the way, have I mentioned how CUTE Mia Jubilee is?!!!! She is so FUN and HILARIOUS!!!!  We're also getting closer to choosing a name for Baby #2!!!  There are SO MANY names that I love, but they just don't seem to "fit" her.  Hopefully we'll have a name to share with you soon!

Don't you just want to squeeze her?
She dressed herself in her apron and life jacket for the day.  :)

Loving on Lydia!

Have a GREAT day everyone!!!!  And let me know if you see Woody on sale anywhere. :)

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