Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sips N Strokes...

I LOVE to paint...and I LOVE my friends!

So what better way to combine the two than to attend a Sips-N-Strokes painting session?

For $25 (sometimes $35 depending on the painting), you get a fun girls' night out, entertainment, drink your preferred beverage, and leave with a painting to take home and hang in your house.  (You choose the painting based on the calendar on the website.)

Check out some pics from our night below:

We started out with a blank canvas, clean brushes, and basic paint colors.

While we waited for the class to begin, we ate cupcakes and hung out!

After painting our light pinkish-peach background, we had to dry it.


Here is the finished background

Next we painted the bottom of the cupcake.  It's not too impressive here, but it gets better!  The instructor gives you step-by-step directions, but you can change them to make your painting "your own". :)

It's hard to pay attention to the instructor when you are talking and laughing with friends.  Thankfully she repeats directions, so one of us ended up always hearing what to do next.

Drying the bottom of our cupcake!

Next, we added the icing.  It could be any shape or color, but I stayed with pink. :)

So did Jaime and Abby!

Time to dry it again!

Then it was time to add the sprinkles.  They could be any size, shape, or color.

See...all of our sprinkles are different! :)

Our finished cupcakes!

I love how everyone's in the class turned out different!  
(You should have seen some of the paintings!  There were some serious artists in that class!)

Thanks for the fun night, ladies!  Can't wait to do it again!!!!

Below is my painting in its various stages....

The finished product!


  1. That's fun! I love it. Such a fun painting!

  2. That looks fun! I like the cupcake one the best. :)

  3. Thanks, Katie! Rebecca, next time you come up, we should all go! How fun! :)