Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Special people gathered for a special reason... celebrate Ellie Grace!!!!

I have so many GREAT women in my life.  A couple weeks ago several of us got together to celebrate sweet Ellie Grace.  We met at Mimi's Cafe and had TONS of fun eating, talking, laughing and opening gifts!  The most special part of the night was a surprise!  Christi and Laura bought tons of children's books (which I am obsessed with) at yard sales, Good Will, etc.  Each guest was asked to write something to Ellie inside the book.  Seriously y' was such a special gift!  Caleb and I spent the night reading the things people wrote in the books for Ellie.  The Lord has spoken some GREAT things over this baby's life! :)  Thanks C and L for the awesome surprise!!!!

I posted this pic because people who I don't see very often are always asking me what my belly looks like.  There ya have it!  My belly at 35 weeks. :)

THANKS to all of you who came!!!!!!  It was a special night for me. :)

(Sorry we took the group pic after some of you had already left!)

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  1. What a great idea with the books!!! That'll be something to cherish.