Thursday, September 1, 2011

Resting in the Mountains...kind of. :)

Ellie Grace will be here in a couple weeks, so when our friends invited us to join them at their mountain house for the weekend, we quickly accepted.  We probably won't celebrate our anniversary until later (since Ellie is due two days before our anniversary) so getting away for the weekend sounded so fun!

And FUN it was!

We went on hikes, ate awesome food, played hilarious games once the kiddos went to sleep, the guys did "guy things" outside, etc...etc...etc!  It is an amazing piece of property on over 100 acres!

We went on several "hikes".  I love how Mia had to have a stick like her Daddy.
(Caleb literally had to push me up the hill on several of the steep parts.  hahahahaha!!!!)

Check out all of the awesome trees!

Cute little cabin on the property.

Field / pond across from the cabin.  The kids loved to run in it.

Mia and Hudson taking a stroll. :)

LOVE when her little hand holds his finger. :)

PRECIOUS picture!  His smile cracks me up!


Soon to be family of FOUR! :)

Flying with Daddy!

She always asks him to fly her.

Doesn't his smile bring you joy?

Logan picked some fresh tomatoes for our lunch.

Caleb found a tiny lizard.  They LOVED it!

Coloring with Tia!

Cameron was the UNO king!  And he JUST learned how to play! :)

Cleaning the floors! haha


It's raining!  But we are guys, so we'll stay out here and continue to throw rocks and carve wood. apparently they were throwing LOGS.  Watch out!

Drinking the rain!

We took a car ride down the mountain in hopes to stop at the taxidermist.  (Kids love animals, right?)  Unfortunately it was closed, but the ride in the van was an adventure in itself.

Carving/ Widdling... Whatever you call it.  The guys made spears and other sharp things to throw.

Check out these warriors and their spears. :)

Caleb actually DID carve a pretty cool weapon.  It was tied together with vines.  My manly man. :)

Another weapon...a boys dream. :)

Don't let Hudson's size fool you.  He has brute strength.

Eating delicious cherries with your cousin.  Could life get any better?

The guys also played flag football.  The littlest team member stayed inside with us. :)

Off on our hike to the waterfall.

My family. :)

The hike turned a little more treacherous.

But we made it!  (Yes...I know I am ginormous!)

Again...the smile.  I can't get enough of it!

The Wolframs!

The kids enjoyed playing at the bottom of the waterfall.

Another house on the property.  This one has a really cool (and a bit scary) story!

Here's the crew!  Can't wait to go back!!!!


  1. YES! I need those pictures! I can't wait to go back either...once Ellie is here and getting into a little bit of a groove, we'll pick a date and go again!

  2. This looks like so much fuuuun!! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for you guys to meet your 'one more'!!

  3. Those are great pictures! Mia is so cute!

  4. Thanks peeps! We can't wait to meet our new one either. :) Hopefully she is as much of a delight as Mia has been!!!