Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two of my new favorite things...

Baby stuff if expensive!  There's a TON of cool stuff out there, but so much of it is just that...cool.  Not a necessity.  So when I got pregnant with Mia, I tried to be smart when registering so that I could get help buying what I really NEEDED.

When I first heard of baby video monitors I thought, "That's not a must have, I sure don't want other people (neighbors) looking into my baby's crib, PLUS they are expensive."  Well...all last year I wished and wished that I had one.  Seriously!  There were so many times that I would creep into Mia's room to check on her, and somehow she would "know" I was in there and wake up.  UGH!!!!!

Fast forward a year...

I'm pregnant with baby girl #2.  There are three things that I REALLY want:

1. A GOOD baby swing!  (I bought Mia's at a yard sale and she hated it.  I mean, I should have known by looking at it how uncomfortable it was.)

2. Video Monitor

3. Double Stroller

My mom and sister went in together and bought me this swing:

Now THAT looks comfortable, huh?  You can check it out here.  I can't wait to put Ellie Grace in it!!!!

My mother-in-law gave money toward the monitor, I sold a swing set on Craigslist, AND got a 20% off coupon to get the money for this AWESOME video monitor...

And my sweet friends that came to my baby shower gave money so that I could buy the fabulous double stroller that I wanted (plus I got a 25% off coupon for trading in an old stroller)...

So let me tell you why two of these have already become my favorites:

1.  The video monitor is AWESOME!!!!  I used to go into Mia's room and just stare and stare at her.  All of you mamas know that there is nothing sweeter than your sleeping baby.  Now I just turn the monitor on and stare. :)  This monitor is extra cool because you can scan the room AND it zooms in and out.  Plus, I don't have to worry about it picking up other babies down the street.  This monitor is synced at the warehouse for safety.  I haven't had any problems so far.   It's also been fun to watch Caleb interact with Mia when he doesn't know I'm watching. :)

2.  This double stroller rocks my face off!  First of all, I wanted something good, but I didn't want to pay BOB prices.  I'm not planning on taking these kiddos down trails, so I don't need the BEST, just something great. :)  I initially wanted a different chicco stroller, but the one that I had my eye on has been discontinued, and I couldn't find one ANYwhere.  So...I started researching again and totally fell in love with the one I showed you above.  If you're interested in learning more about it, watch this video.  Mia LOVES it already and it's soooo easy to use.  We use it a lot already.  In fact, I took her for a walk this morning in hopes to speed this process along. :)

So there you have it...two of my new faves!

I'm sure when Ellie Grace gets here and I have a chance to use my swing, I'll be posting about how much I love that too!

Only a week and a half until her due date!!!


  1. Thinking about you and praying for sweet Ellie Grace!!!! And trust me...you will love that double stroller even more after she gets here! I honestly have no idea what I would do without mine.....it makes have 2 so close together in age very doable. Love you Nat!

  2. We had that swing with Nora and she practically lived in it. That and the Fisher Price Rock n Play! We passed the swing on to my niece and she loved it, too! That video monitor sounds awesome!!! Praying for an easy delivery and easy transitioning to a mommy of 2 :)

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment, Allison! Katy, I can't wait to use the swing!!!! I really hope she likes it!!!!