Friday, September 30, 2011

What's Poppin'?

Mia and I have a new fun activity...poppin' popcorn!

My mother-in-law gave us their old air popper and we LOVE it!  I'm pretty sure we had one like it when we were growing up, so it brings back memories of Sunday nights.  We would pop a huge bowl*, grab a pepsi and watch Murder She Wrote as a family.  (I sounds weird now that I am an adult that we watched that, but I think it was one of my mom's favorite shows.  It wouldn't have mattered what we watched though...we just enjoyed being together as a family on Sunday nights.)

After I met Caleb I learned that his parents LOVE popcorn too.  And not the kind you put in the microwave...the kind that you cook on the stove.  Ahhhh....I fell in love.  "Real" popcorn tastes so much better to me.  The only problem is that I never got the hang of cooking it myself.  It was either too chewy or too burned.  YUCK!

But now popping popcorn is SO EASY!  You literally pour some kernels in the top, put a bowl under it, and plug it in.  Then you stand in awe (or squeal if you are Mia) as you watch the kernels pop up and down and change into popcorn!

(Totally wish I would have focussed on her face instead of the popcorn here.  I love that she is so amazed by it!)

Pour some butter on it.  Add some salt.  Snuggle under a blanket on the couch in your pajamas with your toddler.  Ahhh...pure bliss. :)

*or clam dip

(The pics were from our first batch 2 days ago.  We finished it this morning, so we made some more.)

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