Sunday, October 2, 2011

Golf Cart Extravaganzas

My in-laws have a golf cart.  Not just any golf cart.  A very large one.  They bought it so that we could all ride together when we are at the beach. (We stay on an island where everyone drives golf carts.)  It never made it to the beach though, (island rules about bringing your own) but we get TONS of use out of it here in good old Greenville, SC. :)  I honestly think "golf cart" was on the list of Mia's first words.  She LOVES that thing.  My in-laws frequently call and ask if they can come take Mia for a ride.  Umh....YES!!!!!!  We get a 15 minute (sometimes longer) break, and Mia has the time of her life!

Last week Josh and Christi pulled up on the golf cart.  The cousins got to meet Ellie Grace, and Mia got to go for a ride with some of her favorite people.  Take a look below...

Caleb was holding her on a pillow bc he said she is a little "heater".

Waiting for Noni to come on the golf cart.

She is stoked!

Fun memories. :)

Papa had all of the grandkids last night, and they stopped by to get Mia.  Can I just say how FREEZING it was?!!!!  The kids all had their hoods on, and I gave them blankets to cover up with.  (Don't worry...I got some great video!)  They didn't care though.  Kids just like to have fun.  Me?  I stayed home in the warm house. :)  Hey...every party has a pooper, right?  (Please tell me y'all have seen that movie.)

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  1. ...that's why we invited you, Pahty Poopah, Gharghe Bonks!
    Look at that donkey cart and them big ole seats! I can just imagine the Dather family cruising down Suber with they shirts off lovin' life. =)