Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy "month" bday!

I LOVE that Mia and Ellie Grace were both born on the 23rd.  Not only is it going to help me remember when they were born, but now we get to celebrate their month birthdays together!

So...Happy 21 and 1 month birthdays to my fabulous girls!!!!!

This is how we started the morning...snuggling in our jammies.

Then we headed outside for their "month" birthday pic...

Don't you love their matching shirts?  (I need to take a better picture of them.)  I was going to put "big sister" and "lil' sister" on them, but I kind of ran out of steam when I was making them.  (I made the shirts the week before EG was born, so all I was focused on was meeting her.  I was done with nesting and projects. haha!)

Happy Month-day to my sweet girls! :)

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