Monday, September 19, 2011

An encouraging word for moms...

Some days it's hard to be a mommy.  It's way different than working out of the least for me it is.  In fact, most days I don't really feel affirmed and appreciated.  Sound selfish and prideful?  Maybe.  But as I talked to more and more SAHM I realized that I'm not alone.  So when my friend, Laura, sent this to a group of us moms, I knew I had to pass it along!

"When service is unto people , the bones can grow weary, the frustration deep. Because agrees Dorothy Sayers, "whenever man is made the center of things, he becomes the storm-center of trouble. The moment you think of serving people you begin to have a notion that other people owe you something for your will begin to bargain for reward, to angle for applause...
When the laundry is for the dozen arms of children or the dozen legs,, it's true. I think I'm due some appreciation. SO comes the storm of trouble and lightening strikes joy. But when Christ is center, when dishes, laundry, work, is my song of thanks to him, joy rains"

Sound like a familiar verse? Col. 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."

Need a little MORE encouragement?  Watch this short video:

Thanks for the encouraging words, Laura!  Now off to continue building my sweet Little Monument. :)

She IS pretty cute, huh?


  1. I totally just watched the video again! :) And she IS so cute!

  2. Being a SAHM, as well....I was really needing to read/hear that :) some days are "invisible" days! Thanks for sharing that!!

  3. FOR REAL, Ladies! Pass it on, Katy! It's crazy how many people feel the same way and just don't want to talk about it. :) Hope you are doing well!