Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a love/hate relationship...

Every month I go to the OB to hear my baby's heartbeat and to tell the doctor "No...I don't have any questions."  Today, however, was different.

I occasionally drink what my mother-in-law calls "vinegar-ade".  It consists of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (WITH the mother) and a tablespoon of honey mixed together in warm water.  Makes you want to hurl, right?  I felt the same way when I first started drinking it.  I would hold my nose and force it down a little bit at a time.  Now...I actually enjoy it.  :)

If you're thinking I'm BEYOND crazy right now, google the health benefits of apple cider vinegar.  You will be amazed!  And the more people I talk to about it, the more I realize there are a lot of folks out there who are drinking the same stuff.  (Some people actually just take a shot of it straight...umh-not me.)

So I've been drinking my "vinegar-ade" when one day it hit me.  "I wonder if I'm supposed to drink this since I'm pregnant?"  So...I googled it. :)  There were mixed opinions, but I knew I was headed to the doctor in a few days.

Fast forward to today.  My doctor walks in, asks how I've been feeling, comments on how she is surprised I'm pregnant again (this is the doctor that delivered Mia), and then asks if I have any questions.  You should have seen her face when I told her what I've been drinking.  haha! It looked something like the girl on the right.   My doctor asked me so many questions about it (out of curiosity of WHY I was drinking something that smelled like Easter egg dye), but concluded that she thought it was perfectly safe for me to continue drinking it.

As I drove home, I kind of chuckled to myself.  It IS a pretty gross drink, and I guess I thought it was more common than it is.  haha...who knows though.  After she googles the benefits of drinking it, she may become a fan of vinegar-ade too!

Do any of YOU drink it or know anyone that does?


  1. I like my apple cider vinegar baked in an apple PIE! :) (But I don't know if it retains all the proclaimed health benefits that way.)

  2. I told that same doctor about using it in a sitz bath, and she had never heard of that either. LOL But, she did say that it made sense when she thought through it. Hooray for apple cider vinegar! I use the stuff all the time. :-)