Thursday, April 14, 2011

Put down that "to do" list, Mommy!

Now that I'm out of the sickness stage of pregnancy, I've been trying to catch up on my house.  I make a list everyday and pat myself on the back each night as I look back at everything I have accomplished in the last 12 hours.  

Yesterday I noticed that I only accomplished about half of the things on my list, but I didn't mind at all.  Mia and I had a wonderful day together playing outside, eating popsicles, reading, taking care of her babies, etc.  It was glorious!  I do have to admit though... if it wasn't for Mia's persistence that we go outside (she stood at the door and cried until I took her out) I probably would have just gone on cleaning windows and bathrooms. 

Mamie, Caleb's grandmother from France, came to visit over the weekend.  She gave us a turtle sprinkler that I couldn't wait to use.  Unfortunately it didn't really work, so I took the turtle off and voila!  It became a little hosepipe for Mia!  She thought it was the GREATEST thing!  Check out some of the pictures! 

Playing in the water!

Watch out Mommy!!!!


I FINALLY turned the water off so that our utilities bill wouldn't break the bank.  Thank goodness for swings!

Woo hoo!

She is all about buckles right now...


So yeah...I guess I'll try to finish those items on yesterday's list today!  Now that Mia is older though, I'm really trying to be intentional about spending time with her throughout the day!  (esp since she won't be an only child for much longer!)  Who knows...maybe I'll still be working on the list by the time Friday rolls around. :)


  1. Sweet!! Thanks for the reminder!! :)

  2. I love this! Now let me ramble like an old woman... :o) You are so right. The to do list is never done- they are always wearing clothes, making dirty dishes, etc. So if your standard of success is that list, you will always feel like a failure! But if your standard is quality time, making memories, getting to know her sweet personality, and building a relationship with her, then you can always be successful! I appreciate the reminder to put my priorities in order- I know I will never regret time invested into my children, but someday I may look back and wish I had spent less time invested elsewhere and took advantage of each stage they were in.

  3. Thanks, are so right. The list is never "done". haha! I was thinking about that yesterday. Just when you get the dishwasher unloaded and the dishes put away, you make dinner which means dirty pots, plates, glasses, and a floor to sweep! AHHHH!!! :)

    You and Joy are both so good at spending quality time with your kiddos!