Monday, April 18, 2011

A night out...PAST 8:30!!!

I LOVE getting to spend time with great friends.  Old doesn't matter to me. :)  Last Friday was especially fun because my in-laws kept Mia so that we could stay out late.  We did a lot of hanging out, talking, eating, and laughing.  I ate until I couldn't eat anymore, and I STILL got to take leftovers home!  And get this...when 8:00 rolled around, we didn't even blink.  (Our curfew has changed a bit since Mia has joined our family, so if an 8:00 curfew sounds silly to you just know that it would have to us 14 months ago as well. :/    Holla if you hear me, parents with youngin's!)  In fact, we lost track of time and didn't get home until 11:30.  I felt bad for Caleb's mom (who was at our house waiting for us to get home), but I sure was soooooo thankful that she sacrificed her time to let us have some fun.  So THANKS, Debbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmmm....Thanks, Amber!!!!


The guys hung out in the wind storm outside! 

I wish I could have known what they were talking about.  What DO guys talk about when girls aren't around?!!!

So fun!  Can't wait to do it again!...SOON!!!! :)

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