Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sweet feet

These little feet mean so much to me.
I love that they learned to walked at 10 months.
I love that Caleb gets Mia to bite them even when they are dirty.
I love that she only wants to put them in her bright pink Crocs.
I love that when something gets stuck on the bottom of one of them, she sometimes tips over backwards trying to get it off.
I love that she always wants me to pretend like I am going to eat them.
I love that they get a little clammy like her Daddy's.
I love that they don't like to walk barefoot in the grass.
I love that they RUN when she is excited to see someone.
I love that they have learned to climb stairs.
I love that they stomp when she hears "If you're happy and you know it...".
I love that they get really dirty during the day and squeaky clean in the tub.
I love that they don't really care for socks.
I love, love, LOVE to kiss them, rub them, look at them, and can't wait to one day paint them.
These are the sweet little feet of my Mia Jubilee.
The feet that will one day lead her through amazing places full of breath taking experiences.
Boy do I love these two little feet!

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