Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Fall Y'all

Our family isn't huge on celebrating Halloween.  However, we LOVE to dress up.  (At least Mia and I do.  Ok...maybe just me.)  Anyways... last Friday our friends, Jodi and Gabe, hosted their 2nd annual dress up party!  Our family went as "Andy's Toys".  Remember how much Mia loves Toy Story?  Well, even before I found a Woody costume at consignment, I knew that's what our family would be.  (And all I had to buy was a $3.00 pack of felt!)  Take a look...

Buzz Lightyear!

 Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Woody, and Buzz
(This Woody doesn't like to wear his hat.)

Tia was an indian! 
(I wish I had a pic of her whole family.  They had awesome costumes!)

 Humpty Dumpty won the costume contest!
(You can't even tell that Melanie is 35 weeks prego from this angle.  She looks GREAT!)

Little Willa representing the Cowboys.  Her whole family looked fabulous!

Check out our angels...
Yes...angels are welcome at our house ANY time of year. :)

Our plan for the 31st was to hang out with my parents at their church Fall Festival.  After hearing that the stomach bug was going around, we opted to skip out this year.  Instead, we roasted marshmallows at Noni and Papa's house.  Later, we loaded up the golf cart (with 12 people) and hit up a few of the neighbors for candy.  You should have seen Mia's face when a complete stranger just opened their door and put candy in her basket.  haha!

Here is a shot of the golf cart from the back.
(Jodi's teeth aren't green.  That's Elin's pacifier.)

My sweet Mia Jubilee!  It was SOOOOO cold!
(See that Tootsie Roll?  Mia literally ate through the paper to get to it.  We noticed when half of the Tootsie Roll was already in her belly.  haha)

Woody and her daddy...

Snow White and her daddy...

 Our bunch!  
(See Bryson's indian costume?  ALL of the indians were that awesome!)

Back to Noni and Papa's house to count our candy!

 Here is what Ellie Grace did last night...

Noni bought monkey slippers for Mia.  I love this goofy girl!

So there you have it!  October is over, and I'm SO GLAD that November is here!!!!!!

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