Friday, November 4, 2011


I have an abundance of things to be thankful for!  This November I hope to stop each day and highlight at least one.  I had hoped to make this cute little board I saw on Pinterest, but I seriously doubt I'll get to it.

Instead I'm going to settle for blogging about what I'm thankful for. ;)


1- SOOOO thankful that it's November!  I'm especially thankful for friends that love the Lord!
2- Thankful for a husband who gives his daughter piggie back rides to bed. (the kind where he crawls on the floor)
3- Thankful for a mother-in-law who understand health insurance!
4- Thankful for a daddy who watches my toddler ALL morning so that I can get some sleep. :)
5- I'm so thankful for my camera.  It sounds silly, but it helps me capture sweet memories of my family.
6- Thankful that Mia Jubilee is seriously full of CRAZY JOY!!!!!  I laugh out loud at her ALL of the time!
7- I'm thankful that Ellie Grace is such a good sleeper during the night.  Waking up once is LOTS better than two, three, or four times!
8- Thankful that my sister and her family will be here in a couple of weeks!
9- Thankful that Caleb Dather chose ME to spend the rest of his life with.  AHHHHH!!!!!  Words cannot express my feelings toward him. :)
10- SO thankful for my church...City Church (formerly CRCC).  It is such a blessing to be under leadership of spirit-filled men and women.  Their heart for the city is preciously powerful!
11- Thankful for sushi.  I sure do love some sushi.  And I can eat it since it doesn't contain any dairy or soy! (I'll post more about this later.)
12- I'm thankful that God made our surrounding GORGEOUS!  The leaves outside are amazing!!!!
13- Today I am thankful for children's literature.  I have seen it bring life into so many of my students over the years, and now it provides countless sweet hours of snuggle time with my Mia Jubilee.  Books, books, and more books!
14- Thankful for food.  Need I say more?
15- I'm thankful for Abba's heart for us.  That He loves when Mia talks to Him.  That He loves we when praise Him. :)
16- Thankful for sweet sister love between my two girls. :)
17- Oh how I LOVE rain storms.  
18- I'm still thankful for my minivan.  It's so perfect for our growing family. 
19- Thankful for yard sales.  I LOVE finding awesome deals.
20- Today I am thankful for my husband's memory. :)  He dropped the grocery list in the driveway and STILL remembered everything on the list!!!!

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